Necessary Deaths

Author: Geoffrey Clark
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When I opened the door and poked my head into the darkness around ten,
Hector shot past me and was off across the lawn like a scalded panther,
disappearing into dark in an eyeblink. Well ... Hector was crouched on the floor,
eating noisily from the dish of food; he looked up as if annoyed at my coming
home so late, then lowered his head back into the bowl: Crunch, crunch, crunch. "
Welcome home, pal — looks like it's 'til death us do part, yours or mine,
whichever comes first, eh?


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Until recently though, I always thought of myself as a girl who went out with boys.
And I've begun ... They turn me off. One thing my mother taught me to believe,
which is really weird for an uptight Jewish mother, was that sex is a great, great
part of marriage and of a relationship and it will hold you together when a lot of
things are going wrong. I'm in love ... I'm very into the present tense so, like, I don't
have to have the promise of life, 'til death do us part, to be able to care. But when I
'm ...

The Poultry Keeper

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In a recent issue of Ketcher he Moats off airily in his Imagination, and a few other
accoutrements which he picked up that were lying around loose, and gives us a
pleasing view of his random observations, that he acquired on the wing, mixed
up ... rejoice over it, will kill the fatted hen, or pine away and die for the love of it,
will go out of their w ay to caress and encircle it. in a loving "never-let-go, hang on
till death do us part embrace, or cut from "with all your faults I love you still"

Herald Of Health

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Yes, I feel all that," was the reply, " and to what do you think that I attribute tho
change?'' " I can't tell,'" was my answer ; " but if you will give me the secret, I
should be much obliged." " Well," said^he, "its all your own doing ; until you
attended mo I had been taught to think, and I believed that I ought to havo my
bowels moved every day, but as they were not, I used to take aperient medicine
twice a week, and did so regularly almost all my life; but I never was well. Since,
however, I have ...

New York

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"I'm fighting something off," he says. "Me too," I say. I wait a few days, till my hair
comes out in clumps in the shower, then, as directed, I go back to Bitz 'N Pieces,
a wig store on the West Side, where they shave the rest of my hair and do the
final fit for the wig. They don't like to buzz you until the hair is really coming out.
They say it's too traumatic. "Why didn't you tell me? I would have gone with you,"
Heidi says afterward. And, "Did you cry?" 1 didn't cry because I was steeled for it.

British Medical Journal

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I recognised her as a clever swindler, who took me and others in some years ago
. She gets up a story remarkably well ; and as she has prepared one for the
medical profession, she will probably try to use it. She does not ask for money in
the first instance. She almost always brings the name of a friend or acquaintance
of the person to whom she applies ; and a name incautiously mentioned will send
her straight to the individual with yours. By inserting this note, you may put
medical ...

Maximum Rocknroll

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I'm sure he's doing it for the right reasons." Other punk fans were appalled. "The
announcement made me feel instantly old. ... If it has come to this for the prince of
punk, then mediocrity really does get us all in the end," wrote Lee Randall in The
Scotsman newspaper. In The Guardian, rock critic Charles Shaar Murray said "
minds boggled" when rumors of Lydon's participation surfaced. "Whatever
happened to punk rock, maaaaan? ' "I'm a Celebrity," which begins its third latest
run Jan.

Vanity Fair

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"Humility is a big part of where I grew up," Pitt says. "But I'm a dinosaur. Rap
culture is all about inflating yourself: 'I'm the one! "You're a piece of shit!' That kind
of pride, inflating yourself— it was considered vulgar where I come from." His
attitude extends to politics; Pitt is not one to hold forth publicly on his views. "I don'
t have all the answers," he says. "I wouldn't be good in politics. I get too
passionate about things and piss people off sometimes. And sometimes I'm not
too clear. I don't ...