The Husband Hunters

Author: Anne de Courcy
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1474601464
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Anne de Courcy sets the stories of these young women and their families in the context of their times.

ISBN: 9789749601754
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The Atlantic

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A ruthless, husband-hunting parvenue from Apex City, she succeeded where so
many others failed primarily because she was gorgeous and highly skilled at
mimicking the sort of people whose acceptance she craved. Social climbing was
then (and perhaps still is) a career in itself, and Undine pursued it relentlessly,
with all the means at her disposal — the most consistently effective of which was,
predictably, her wardrobe. Wharton, in her memoirs, recalls in Old New York and

New York Times Saturday Review Of Books And Art

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246 pp. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 36. CORALS." says C. M. Yonge,- "are
the greatest of the world's builders, and the Great Barrier Is their most magnificent
creation." Mr. Yonge was lender of the biological and geographical expedition ....
NE can take this book either at Its face value as the self-revelation of the
personality, methods and career of a social climber who got all that she wanted,
or as a piece of cleverly done fiction that portrays in the first person the
successive stages ...

London Theatre Record

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The unexpected arrival of the wife of Vanilla's deposed dictator transforms the
social climbing into social change, as the guests find themselves beseiged by
New York's poor, invited into the mansion as parly favours. Thrilling in its
elaborate reconstruction of High Society's sado-masochistic rituals it dissects its
vile bodies as precisely as an Edward Bond play, although with more snappy one
-liners. Inspired casting puts Joanna Lumley in the Imelda Marcos role, both
vicious and sexy ...

Henry James And London

Author: John Lansing Kimmey
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
Size: 43.95 MB
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The heroine, while not exactly typical of American women in England at the time
in search of husbands, does possess many of their qualities: a lively nature, a
sense of equality, a likable aggressiveness. But her fianc£ is fairly ... She has
recently failed to accomplish this feat in New York. She plans to succeed by ... her
husbands are living. To the two Americans she is an unabashed social climber
and cultural parvenue, buying two volumes of Voltaire and pretending to
appreciate art.

Twentieth Century Romance And Historical Writers

Author: Lesley Henderson
Publisher: Saint James Press
Size: 31.82 MB
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She makes good, observant, use of all these settings, and the ambience of the
theatre in which her husband moves. For example. ... Isabella, a social climber,
soon escapes from theatrical "drudgery" into a desirable marriage. There is a
slightly ... New York 10036. Address: do Random House, 201 East 50th Street,
New York, New York 10022, U.S.A. Romance and Historical Publications Novels
(series: Sarah Keate and Lance O'Leary) The Patient in Room 18 (Keate and O'

The Illustrated London News

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She has the knowing but also no-nonsense air that can be found in the hunting
field or that once ran the British raj in India. She is an ... of high society, but she
recognises that there are different circles in London which resemble the sort of
high societies that are found in New York and Paris. She drew the ... What follows
from this is that there is much more opportunity for social climbing, the sort of
ambitious, wealth-driven rise that is facilitated in New York by public relations

Videohound S Golden Movie Retriever

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Award Hurry, Charlie, Hurry & 1941 Husband gets in trouble when he bows out of
a trip with his social-climber wife when he tells her he must travel to Washington
to see the Vice President, 65m/B VHS. ... 87m/C VHS. Danny DeVito, John
Lefkowitz, Steve Inwood, Linda DeCoff, Ronald Anton, Maureen Byrnes, Francis
Gallagher, D. Joseph JaCoby, Husband Hunting & 1967 work. ing girls hit the
beach in search of husbands, and find that love isn't easy to find or hold on to.
90m/c wris.