Naval Journal

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Nothing heard of her crew. j Br. brig Mary Turcan, from Alex- I andriafor Liverpool,
sunk night 13th, ! and was abandoned off Knott's Island. Schr. Rainbow, Farlow,
from Beaufort, N. C, for New York, went nshore night ... Br. brig Eliza Palmer,
Dixon, from Liverpool, N. S. for Dominica, was fallen in with 14th Oct, and the
crew taken off and landed at Pernambuco 22nd Nov., by barque El Dorado, from
Baltimore. Capt. Bradshaw, of the Br. barque John S. de Wolfe, has arrived in
Savannah, ...

A Critical Pronoucing Dictionary Expositor Of The English Language In Which Not Only The Meaning Of Every Word Is Dearly Explaind The Sound Of Every

Author: John Walker
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8INISTROUSLY, s?n'nls-trus-le, ad. With a tendency to the left; perversely,
absurdly. Accented according to the adjective. ToSINK, gjngk, r. a. ; frtt. 1 Sunk,
anciently Sank , part. Sunk or Sunken. Tu fall duwn through an; medium, IMI to
swim, I > go to the bottom ; to fall gradually, ; tu enter or penetrate into an; body :
to IIIH- h-inni. to fall to a level ; to lose or want prominence ; to be overwhelmed or
depressed ; to be received, to be impressed , to decline, to decrease, to de< cay ,
to fall into ...

Captains Courageous

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
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»Captains Courageous« is the adventure story of Harvey Cheyne, spoilt son of an American billionaire.

Final Report Of The Commissioners Minutes Of The Evidence And Appendix

Author: Great Britain. Royal Commission on Unseaworthy Ships
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Stranded - Shetlands- - 28 ...; 27 .. J. Allen - - 1,765 New Orleans Liverpool - ||
Specie, &c. Stranded - Gally Head - 38 3 --- I - - Flinn, Main, & Co. - || 1,766 Hong
Kong | Shanghai - General - || Stranded - Near Amoy - 27 --- | - D. R. Macgregor -
| 1,767 Manukau - Sthrn. Provns. Mails - | Stranded - N. of Waitara - ... --- | . . .
Shepherd Smith - 1,768 Drontheim | Newcastle - || Pyrites - || Stranded - | Near
Drontheim - 21 --- --- - William S. Lishman - || 1,769 Dunkirk - || Liverpool - ---
Sunk; ...

Something About The Author

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One morning at the latter I was reading accounts of ships that were sunk along
the Eastern seaboard and down in the Caribbean, over in the Gulf of Mexico,
when I came across a paragraph that described the sinking of a small Dutch
vessel. An eleven-year-old boy survived the sinking but was eventually lost at
sea, alone on a life raft. That paragraph became The Cay, years later. At
Paramount, I worked as a publicist for three years — a Henry Fonda film, a Clark
Gable with Doris Day, ...

Sport Diver

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The only dedicated dive resort on North Andros is the family-owned eco-resort
Small Hope Bay Lodge, which has been around since 1960 and which has
hosted such underwater luminaries as Jacques-Yves Cousteau and British cave
diver Rob Palmer. Andros also has perhaps the Western Hemisphere's most
diverse ... Facing page: Nassau's latest wreck, Blue Plunder, sunk by the BBC for
a new series called Life. Top: Mike Pitts from the BBC at work. Above: Southern

The Poetical Works Of Sir Walter Scott With All His Intrs And Notes Also Various Readings And The Editor S J G Lockhart S Notes

Author: sir Walter Scott (bart.)
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If this same Palmer will me lead From hence to Holy- Rood, like his good saint, I'll
pay his meed, Instead of cockle-shell, or bead, With angels fur and good. I loTe
such holy ramblers; still They ... Let pass," quoth Marmion ; " by my Cay, This man
shall guide mc on my way, Although the great arch-fiend and he Had sworn
themselves of company. So please you, gentle youth, io call ... But his gaunt
frame was worn with toil ; His cheek was sunk, alas the while ! And when he
struggled at a ...

Marine Review And Marine Record

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11 Sunk Parrsboro, N. S. Atalaia Braz Jan. 18 Grounded Pea Patch shoal Dented
plates Manchester Port Jan. 10 Collision Off New Jersey Arlington Jan. 22
Grounded Boston harbor Slight Mielero Jan. 26 Sunk At sea Asuncìon Jan. 16
Grounded Off Port Cay allo Not stated Afrique Jan. 16 Sumk Bay of Biscay Total
loss A. M. Pioneer Jan. 15 Grounded New York Not stated Neponset Jan. 29
Fngine trouble At sea Agawam Jan. 15 Mch. trouble At sea Damaged propeller
Nero Jan.

The Portable Commentary The Holy Bible With Marginal References And Explanatory Notes Selected From The Most Distinguished Biblical Writers By I Cobbin

Author: Ingram Cobbin
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I is il Then will the Loud * be jealous ' for his land, ^ and pity Ins people. VJ Yea,
the Louu will answer and say unto hin people. Behold, I will send you I ' corn, and
wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied Ни те with: und I will no more t make sou a
reproach among the heatheu : ; 20 But ' 1 «ill remove tar oil' from you j * the
northern army, and will drive htm i iuto a land barren und desolate, with his | (аса
toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the utmost si-a. and his sunk ¡
bhall ...