Literature 1976

Author: S. Böhme
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143.239 N-S asymmetry and variations of cosmic ray isotropic flux and solar
activity. A. Kh. Bychkovskaya, R.A.Chumbalova, R. B. Zhantuarova, E. V.
Kolomeets, Ya. E. Shvartsman. 14th Intern. Cosmic Ray Conf., (see 012.011), Vol
. 4, 1188 - 1192 (1975). 143.240 Time variation of the characteristics of the
diurnal anisotropy of cosmic radiation. S. P. Agrawal, R. L. Singh. 14th Intern.
Cosmic Ray Conf., (see 012.011), Vol. 4, 1193 - 1198 (1975). 143.241 Cosmic
ray anisotropy and its ...

Literature 1985

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18th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Vol. 4, p. 144–147 (1983). – See
Abstr. 012.096. The authors have analyzed solar particle events to determine the
energy spectra and pitch angle distributions of the solar protons near earth as a
function of time. These data form the basis for discussing the coronal and
interplanetary propagation of the solar particles. 078.047 Rigidity dependence of
the interplanetary scattering mean free path determined from rise-phase
nucleonic ...

Esoteric Astrology Vol 4

Author: Dr. Douglas M. Baker
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Itshould never be forgotten that theFourth Ray isthe Ray ofthe Human Kingdom,
and about60% ofall humanity have mindsen rapport with the Rayof
ArtandHarmony through Conflict. The FourthRay governs humanity throughout
itswhole existence. This ismainlyat a mental level for there areonly afew
FourthRay soulsin incarnation atthis time, almost all of these working within the
ashram of a Master of the Wisdom. Wherever there is life, there is conflict; and
wherever there is conflict, ...

Literature 1989

Author: Astronomisches Rechen-Institut
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144.268 Cutoff rigidity dependence of storm time increase associated with
geomagnetic storms. S. Kudo, M. Wada, P. Tanskanen, M. Kodama. 20th
International Cosmic Ray Conference, Vol. 4, p. 212–215 (1987/88). – See Abstr.
012.001 for the main entry. 144.269 On the latitude dependence of cosmic ray
cutoff rigidity variations during the initial phase of a geomagnetic Storm. E. O.
Flückiger, D. F. Smart, M. A. Shea. 20th International Cosmic Ray Conference,
Vol. 4, p. 216–219 ...

Rectors Remembered The Descendants Of John Jacob Rector Volume 4

Author: Laura Wayland-Smith Hatch
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Death: ca 1877, Clay Co., MO Children: (10) Jacob
BROADHURST4873 Birth: 4 Nov 1811, Cocke Co., TN (10)
Henry BROADHURST - see (9) Margaret Ann FAUBION below
Birth: ca 1816, Cocke Co., TN (10) Sally BROADHURST ... At
one point in time, he said he was sick and went directly home, and another time
he said that it got “burnt up. ... In 1824 John took the family to Ray County,
Missouri, for a brief time.

Rock Mechanics And Engineering Volume 4

Author: Xia-Ting Feng
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3.4.2 Beam forming Some minimum quality of P- or S-wave arrivals must be
guaranteed for reliable travel time picking, which is a precondition for the
application of location based on arrival times. This precondition is frequently not
... Thus the signals wi at the different stations i of the array can be described by
Equation 16, where s0 is the ray vector, ri the position vector and w(t) the
waveform at the origin of the local coordinate system. wiðt þ s0 Ã riÞ 1⁄4 wðtÞ.
ð16Þ Beam forming is ...

Doctor Who Episode By Episode Volume 4 Tom Baker

Author: Ray Dexter
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Ray Dexter. way more sense! The TARDIS lands in the same place as last story.
No, that was a joke, it just looks like it: another lush forest. Oh look, Adric has
stowed away. That castle looks like a spaceship. Oh dear – bit obvious. The
Doctor is greeted by people who give him a strange salute. The Doctor is getting
nowhere. The Lords rule over the village and protect them from the Wasting. One
of the peasants has a walkie talkie. Adric has adjusted his badge since Full Circle

Constantine Vol 4 The Apocalypse Road

Author: Ray Fawkes
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A world dying at the hands of the mad god called Darkseid. This is the home of another John Constantine, one whose life was peaceful and happy right up to the end.

Transputer Research And Applications 4

Author: North American Transputer Users Group
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R. HOST kia — SBi-!— 1 1 — SB2 — SB3-4-; ; — SB4 — sbs-^-coi . lT7. L uri..rZ..
rn.L^.J. . .77. . .771 J .77 j " .i i HOST Figure 3. Process Array with I i Processes for
Mapping to Processors 2.4.1. Load Sharing for Small Beams Good load sharing
for small beams can be achieved while maintaining nearest neighbor
communication by assigning multiple ray processes to each ray processor in an
appropriate manner. This provides "scattered decomposition" (page 69, Fox [
Fox88]l. First ...

Multiaccess Mobility And Teletraffic In Wireless Communications Volume 4

Author: Ezio Biglieri
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Let (f\ be the proportion of the total signal received in the first ray and 1 - if be the
remaining proportion received in the second ray. Suppose we assume perfect
orthogonality between signals within the same ray, and also assume the net
signal to noise ratio (SNR) is obtained by adding the individual SNRs from each
ray. Then the SNR for user i is given by where P, is the total signal power
transmitted to user i, Gi the propagation gain from the base station to user i, and /;
the net external ...