Outwitting The Devil

Author: Napoleon Hill
Publisher: Sharon Lechter
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This book- now available in a smaller paperback format- is profound, powerful, resonant, and rich with insight.

Outwitting The Devil

Author: Napoleon Hill
Publisher: Sharon Lechter
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Originally written in 1938 but never published due to its controversial nature, an insightful guide reveals the seven principles of good that will allow anyone to triumph over the obstacles that must be faced in reaching personal goals.

Outwitting The Devil

Author: Charles L. Perdue
Publisher: Ancient City Pr
Size: 41.52 MB
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Perdue, a University of Virginia folklorist who has co-edited Weevils in the Wheat: Interviews with Virginia Ex-Slaves, gives a concluding and explanatory essay. The New Deal and Folk Culture Series.

The Greenwood Encyclopedia Of Folktales And Fairy Tales A F

Author: Donald Haase
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313334429
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The farmer sows grain, and the devil is cheated again. In many versions of the
story, the farmer's stupid partner is not the devil but a bear or a giant. This
narrative belongs to the set of tale types about the stupid ogre, giant, or the devil (
ATU 1000-1199). Replacing an ogre, a giant, or some other beast with the devil
shows that he took over the role of opponent in many tales during Christianity's
spread throughout Europe. Tales about outwitting the devil often have humorous
overtones ...

Archetypes And Motifs In Folklore And Literature

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 0765629534
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In Type 810, The Snares of the Evil One, a man is protected from the devil by a
priest who draws a magic circle around him. This story includes motif M211, “Man
sells soul to devil,” and appears in the Grimm (tale 92) and Svend Grundtvig (
number 59) collections from Germany and Denmark, re- spectively. It appears to
be especially popular in northern Europe and the Baltics. Type 812, The Devil's
Riddle, concerns a man's success in outwitting the devil by solving riddles. This
may ...


Author: Greg S Reid
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698196872
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In Napoleon Hill's classics, Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil, the
author does a tremendous job of casting a spotlight on the number one reason
most people give up—so much so that he dedicated the longest chapter to this
topic. Sharon Lechter—coauthor of The Napoleon Hill Foundation's national
bestseller Three Feet from Gold, and coauthor of the international bestseller Rich
Dad, Poor Dad—was given a copy of the seventyfiveyearold hidden manuscript
titled ...

He Could Not Contain Her

Author: Kathleen McCartan, PhD
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452522111
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It's okay, though, Icanusethe book atthe endofthis chapter because its titlemost
definitely appliesandI found onepoint at theend thatdemonstrates mylarger theme
forthe chapter. The title ofthebook is as follows: Outwitting the Devil:TheSecretto
Freedom and Success, andthe author of thebookis Napoleon Hill,a writer from
the 1930swho wrote of selfempowerment andrising to the highest levelsof
achievement and success. The title of the book isas interesting asthebook itself
inmy opinion ...

A History Of Virginia Literature

Author: Kevin J. Hayes
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107057779
Size: 56.94 MB
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The first was Outwitting the Devil: Jack Tales from Wise County Virginia,
published in 1987.17 The most famous Jack tale, of course, is Jack and the
Beanstalk, which has been field collected in England, Italy, Germany, and France
since the early 1800s (the Grimm Brothers' version is called The Devil with Three
Golden Hairs).18 However, there are many other stories featuring Jack and
relating his encounters with giants, ogres, and supernatural beings. The nineteen
that Perdue ...

Swedish Legends And Folktales

Author: John Lindow
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520035201
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76. Outwitting. the. Devil. A skipper had signed on Old Shame as mate. He was to
do all the work without pay, but in exchange he was to have the skipper's soul.
The skipper could escape this fate if he could give the devil a job he couldn't
carry out. In the end the skipper was worried and wanted to get rid of his mate,
since both the skipper ...