Dictionary Of The Kiniassa Language

Author: John Rebman
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Nkodere, compos, of ni, ko, dere, be ,nhere so (thus), mntu t,nt I nkodere, siya,
teanetut, wa-ku-onerat lit. man thou! be where thus, these, they say, they, thee
true? sense: oh man, is it thus you are, is it after all true, what people say of you ?
ITkua, contracted from ni and kua; conj. he is, she is; uyu nkua mkuru kua ku
lemera; uyu nkua mkuru kua ku badua, na uyu nkus m- kt€ru tubi; n'fewa — ni
kua, and in meaning = ni wa and ni woo. n- kua kueha = ni wa kueha. Ni, 1) Ihe
objective ...

Hawaiian Dictionary

Author: Mary Kawena Pukui
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
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1. n. Sea-urchin sauce (the crushed shells were placed in salted water;
afterwards the liquid was usually strained and added to the flesh of the "ina). 2.
nvs. Lavender, reddish-purple, so called because of the color of the sauce. ka
Tlwi. n. A climber ... To enter dancing, as in a hula. kai ko'o. See ko 'o 3. kai.ko.wa
. n. Straits. Lit., space sea. Ke kaikowa o Pilina, Bering Straits. kal.ku. n. 1. Mid-
tide. 2. Enema. Cf. kaikea 4. kai.kua. nvs. Countryman; backwoodsman; sparsely
inhabited place; ...

The Journal Of The Anthropological Institute Of Great Britain And Ireland

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It is expressed by a re-duplication of the verb. Continued action is denoted by
prefixing tau or affixing a'ina to the verb. Other cognate dialects have this mood.
Tenses in Samoan have various modifications. It will not be necessary to notice
the several special conditions, but simply to give what may be termed natural
Tenses, or points of time. The Present Tense is expressed by the prefixes ua, e,
and o loo. This last is mostly used as a participle. N., kua ; To., oku ; R, a sa; H.,
ua, e, i, ana ...


Author: Alexander Adelaar
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
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iru i-ru'-, i-rua irung I irung II Israel It ita Itil itix Ito, itu ituconjunction, iru (ka) (i318),
(xiii:6) when, (iv:3) if; iru: apa ka (C134v) nevertheless, (—> ndu, du, heyru, ru) —
> rua n.; (iii:12) wheat (compare also sivax) vb3, m-irung (vii:23) to work, serve;
pa-irung (XXlllI11, xxvi:69) to use as a servant, kawx-ina ka pa-irung-an (xxvi:69)
young maid; tama-irung (ix:37) worker; a-irung-an (C113v) slavery —> pacibibl., (
ii:6) Israel vb3, m-it (xi:18) to drink, pa-it (x:42) to give to drink, tama-it (xxiv:49) a ...

Cook Islands Maori Dictionary

Author: Jasper Buse
Publisher: [email protected]
ISBN: 9780728602304
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(See kiorengiao, kioretoka, tutaekiore.) [Np. *kiole.] kiorengiao, n. Cat. Kua '
akakoi te kiorengiao i tona au maikuku. The cat sharpened its claws. [kiore, ngiao
.] kioretoka, n. Rat. Va 'arua kioretoka, rat- hole. [kiore, toka.] kipa, v.i. (kipa'ia). 1.
Stump (the batsman) out, break the stumps. E kipa iaia! Stump him!; E kipa koe i
tona kini me taki 'aia i tona vaevae. Break the wicket if he lifts his leg. 2. n. Wicket-
keeper. Ko Tiki te kipa i to matou pupu pa poro. Tiki is the wicket-keeper in our
cricket ...

Columbia University Contributions To Anthropology

Author: Melville Jacobs
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Melville Jacobs. iwene'pa, ina't ... iwa"tclika spilyainmi'kan Wu'tk, ku Wu'tk i'tca'ni.
itama'pyuka a'yaD, ina'ktu ... (4) “a'yawautkl payuwiya'oaca twa'ts'n.” kua'u spilya'i
ite"naca, “a'unac wi'naikta.” iwiya'nawica toi"oyau, i'ani'oa iksi'ks wiya'q'laitai, ku
iwiya'qflaioa, waya'waika tca"cnan, kua'u iWi'naca payu'wkaan. 18. iwiya'nawica,
kua'u ina't ...

Dictionary Of The Hausa Language

Author: Charles Henry Robinson
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5877767984
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(= his portrait) ya bani kamansa. likewise, adv. kua, ma", e.g. I love her she l.
loves me ina sonta ita kua tana sona. ... (of body) gab(b)obi, e.g. it will break their
bones, it will cut all their 1. chi lean-ya luasshi ski yenke duk gab(b)obi, F 175.
lime, n. ... (=a row, series) jam, jere or fire"; in a l. ajera or ajere ; spec. a 1. formed
for prayer .gafi'u, a broad blue I. in cloth saloi, solci, or soalci ; of. lines. kamansa
= supansa = little lineage, n. z'wria', usal'i'. linen, n. alltamura. lines, coll. cane ; to
draw 1.

Sounding The Center

Author: Deborah Wong
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226905853
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History and Aesthetics in Thai Buddhist Performance Deborah Wong. Thai
Orthography: Vowels Thai letter Romanization Con -vcntion 9 and Or tli ogr a
Thai Orthography: Con-ven tion s and Or tli oq r apliy. n" n ox ka m kaa m kiirn n
id n idi n kii n kiiii n ku Q kuu ke ms m M m kee itns kae tm kae Ins: ko In koo mi"
kau na kau mas koe ma m koe ifStis kia •r kia mas; kiia ma kiia ox nrjs kua rn m-
kua In In kai Ina na kai mu kaai im kao nil kaao nej kui nay Inn.

Thirty Years In The South Seas

Author: Richard Parkinson
Publisher: Sydney University Press
ISBN: 1920899634
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... seven eight nine ten twenty what? what is that? who? who is this? what is his
name? where? where to? where from? why? how many? good bad big to live to
die to sit to sleep to go i tit ka tit ku nopia i nopia ka nopia kua manik ila manik ka
manik kua iet ila iet ka iet kua virik ila virik ka virik nduk (kua) in (in) en (ta) mun (
min, npin) mur (npu) muk ( mu) mar (npa) Em eiviem ospum ku eiviem t'em a iok
a tianp a lo korlotipe korlolo a pf tiek apftiek he hori orom a tianp apftiek he hori
orom ...

Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

Author: Fred Fangyu Wang
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486424781
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ТЫя wiM com- ГЯ- Ч1!* plicate the situation. Zhèige- hul - bä - qíngxing -TI bngffe
á= a. ffl t л ff COMPLICATED (a) 'fiízá ^|_ ^ (SV). It's too complicated. Tài-'fûza-le.
X ÍJl$t 3 • COMPLIMENT (n) (1) (something sairi in preist:) ia^ gat- pressed
verbally, kua(jiang) (TV). He paid me a nice compliment. Tft-kua(jiang)le- if ( ^ ) "]
wo-íiju. is expressed as give as a present song ^ (TV), with the compliments of
the author shi- zuözhe-söngde ^C__ l p ^ COMPUTER ITS CONCLUSION (jl y .