Modern Native Feasts

Author: Andrew George
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press
ISBN: 1551525089
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Native American cuisine comes of age in this elegant, contemporary collection that reinterprets and updates traditional Native recipes with modern, healthy twists.

Aboriginal Health Identity And Resources

Author: Jill Elizabeth Oakes
Publisher: Dept. of Native Studies, University of Manitoba
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Neel's (1962) Thrifty Gene hypothesis represents one attempt to explain why
diabetes has become a major health problem for Aboriginal peoples. Neel
proposes that the ancestors of contemporary Native Americans possessed genes
that, during times of feasts, enabled the body to store the excess glucose as fat to
be used later during famine conditions. The constant availability of food today,
however, has disrupted this established biological process, leading to
hyperinsulinemia and ...

Pennsylvania S Health

Author: Pennsylvania
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The modern two dollar a plate banquet would have been but a snack to those
Gargantuan gobblers who used to eat until nature rebelled, then wend their way
to the "vomitorium," relieve their over-distended stomachs, and come back and
start all ... in preparation for the feast. And from the testimony of eye witnesses,
the eating continues until there is nothing left upon which to feast. Some of the
natives have been said to eat as much as twenty pounds of meat at one of these
events, ...

Good Health

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... falling acorns furnished out a feast." MODERN NATIONS. But although ancient
history abounds with this class of testimony, we will not dwell longer upon this
branch of the subject, but will now come to consider the testimony of the world at
the present time. As already observed, a large majority of the human race are
obliged to subsist almost exclusively upon vegetable food,yet when we compare
the condition of such nations with those who make large use of flesh food, both
mentally ...

Exploring Manitoulin

Author: Shelley J. Pearen
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802084613
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This unique facility opened in 1988, and features modern medicine combined
with traditional native medicine, including a sweat lodge. The plan of the building
is in the shape of an eagle. The entrance is highlighted by poles which, as in
traditional wigwam construction, hold symbolic values. Next to the Health Centre
are the band's administrative offices, Education Department, and the Tribal Police
. ... The cornerstone was laid on the day of the feast of St Ignatius, 31 July 1849.
At that ...

Health For Native Life

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Sally Smith a healthy role model to people in my region. I walk when I am not
traveling. I eat traditional foods whenever I can. I love smoked fish, moose,
caribou, ptarmigan, greens, berries, seal meat and seal oil. That does not mean I
don't eat modern, processed food! I work at finding a balance. I try to be balanced
and moderate even when I go to gatherings. I join in on feasts, holidays, family
birthdays and potlucks. These are important times to join with others for good
food and ...