Canyon O Grady No 14

Author: Jon Sharpe
ISBN: 9780451169976
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'A lark sang up from the breezy land/ A lark sang down from a cloud afar/ And she
and I went hand in hand/ In the field where the daisies are.' '" "Oh, Canyon, take
me where the daisies are. Take me upstairs. To my room. I'll show you the way."
Hand in hand they climbed the stairs. Mercedes made tiny, rapid footsteps down
the roofed-over inner balcony. At one large carved door she stopped. A winsome
smile curved her lips. O'Grady started to speak, and she pressed a finger against

Grand Canyon

Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 9780816524327
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Tvpical aster family flowers follow the familiar "composite" pattern of daisies, "
composed" of two kinds of flowers. Pull off a "petal" and you discover it's an
individual blossom; even without a hand lens, you can see the minute bloom
hidden in the incurled base of each ray. In the disk, tiny tubular flowers pack
close together, their spiral growth pattern following the Fibonacci number
sequence. Broom snakeweed, ubiquitous in the canyon, bears dozens of shirt-
button-size yellow daisies ...

Into The Canyon

Author: Michael Neale
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1401688519
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the beaches, bright purple arrow weed were scattered every few feet along the
water's edge, and small sprigs of emory rock daisies shot out from the canyon
walls and boulders. The rest of the team had already strapped the coolers and
tents into the rafts by the time he refocused. They all climbed aboard the two rigs
and headed out into the gentle current. After they had been on a relatively docile
section of water for nearly three hours, Jacob turned his raft facing upstream and
rowed ...

Dreaming On Daisies

Author: Miralee Ferrell
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 0781412420
Size: 21.98 MB
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A sense of desolation, deeper than any canyon she'd ever stared into, threatened
to topple her. If Tom's claim was true, her mother had abandoned her without so
much as a word. And nine years had passed without even a letter. Why? How
could she do that to her own child? Steven steadied her with a firm hand. “Why
don't you sit on the porch?” He indicated one of the chairs. She gazed up into his
warm eyes and slowly shook her head. “Thank you. I'm fine now. A little dizzy for
a ...

Canyon Interludes

Author: Paul Wesley Rea
Size: 24.80 MB
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Above us, some ordinary-looking white daisies droop from a hanging garden. On
closer inspection, though, these are rare kachina daisies, or fleabane. The
Dolores Canyon is one of the few places where kachina daisies grow in
Colorado. They're also uncommon in Utah, where botanist Stanley Welch
discovered them near Kachina Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument. Of
the many reasons why a plant becomes rare, the most common is specialization.
Kachina daisies ...

Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy

Author: Loren Nancarrow
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 0307789551
Size: 47.93 MB
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Apple Baby's tears Buckthorns Cabbage l-\ Canyon live oak \r,\ Carrot /"'
Ceanothus Cherry Citrus Clover l—\\—7——V* Coast live oak Cottonwood False
indigo Fennel Grasses Hackberry Hollyhock Hops Lilac Mallow Milkweed
Nasturtium Nettle Parsley Buddleia (or butterfly bush) Butterfly weed Cardinal-
flower Carrot \\ Cassia Chrysanthemum Clover Coreopsis Cosmos Daisy Daylily
Dogbane Echium Firebush Fleabane Heliotrope Hibiscus Hollyhock
Honeysuckle Impatiens ...

Turn Left At The Daisies

Author: E. Deschambeault
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 1478781548
Size: 51.14 MB
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Then off, through a grimy canyon of brick, a crevice in the face of Winter Street. It
was a short cut, between two sooty walls, windowless and bleak, unmarked
except for exhaust apertures expelling used city air. The second opening blew
the greasy waste of a donut shop. It was preferable, somehow, to the sourness of
merchandiser's air, the pestilence of cigarette smoke, airless dressing rooms,
unwashed bodies, and clinging perfumes on ancient flesh from the first. Out, into
the sharp ...

Puppy Love In Thunder Canyon

Author: Christyne Butler
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373656858
Size: 44.75 MB
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“That's Brody, one of my many annoying siblings,” Annabel said with a grin.
Thomas nodded and acknowledged the younger man he guessed to be in his
early twenties with a wave. The flowers started to slip from his grip but then he
realized Annabel had reached for them. He released his hold on the bouquet, but
held tight to the bottle of wine. “Oh, aren't these pretty!” She buried her nose in the
fragrant stems. “Yellow roses, white mums and my favorites, daisies.” A whisper
of unease ...

Grand Canyon Women

Author: Betty Leavengood
Publisher: Grand Canyon Association
ISBN: 9780938216780
Size: 69.41 MB
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2001) Pauline "Polly" Mead first laid eyes on the Grand Canyon in 1927, when
she was twenty-three years old. Raised among columbines and daisies on a
Colorado ranch, Polly was studying botany at the University of Chicago when she
had the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and several other national parks
during a summer-long field trip in the West. The trip was organized and directed
by one of ...